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BIRTHFIT Tulsa Basics:

A one-time, face to face or phone call 60-minute consultation with Lacey Nevel. The BIRTHFIT Basics will provide you with the avenue to explore pregnancy, strategies to enhance nutrition, movement and workout suggestions, and practical advice to prepare for labor and delivery. The BIRTHFIT basics does not replace any advice from your health care provider nor will it give you a medical prescription advice or a diagnosis. BIRTHFIT Tulsa is here to support you, inform you, and a constant resource for you and take an active role in your pregnancy. 


Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic care is one of the four pillars we live by here at BIRTHFIT Tulsa. Having a neuro-spinal system that is clear and open during pregnancy creates an optimal environment for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. We are here to support you throughout one of the biggest transitions, creating a life. When in balance, the nervous system allows your body to function at its best while creating an environment for optimal position, growth and connection between you and your new little. 



This class is uniquely designed to educate, challenge, and inspire mamas-to-be. We will focus on proper functional movements that will not only make you feel strong, but empowered and prepared for the biggest athletic event of your life. We will spend time covering birth education and preparation, relaxation tools and comfort techniques as well as functional movements and mobility for the big day! This 60 minute class is efficient and to the point. It is for the mama-to-be that does not have time to mess around and wants to sweat smart, work hard, and connect with other new mamas.