Meet Dr.Lacey

I am Dr. Lacey Wilson-Nevel. I love empowering people to become the best version of themselves. I embarked on the journey of becoming a doctor of chiropractic because I believe in the body's self healing power. I am always in awe of how amazing the human body is and willing to learn anything and everything about its capabilities. 

I have a passion for babies and mamas--and I specialize in pediatric, prenatal, and postpartum care. I believe in empowering the birth community and educating women to make the best choices for their body. I live and breathe the four foundation pillars -- fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset -- day in and day out. 

I am a lover of weightlifting, yoga, and just plain ol' movement. I believe our bodies were meant for movement. Movement truly is LIFE. 

Some days you may need someone to be there for you throughout this crazy thing we call life. I am here for you mama. Let's connect!